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Out With A Bang - S7:E16

Kennedy Leigh is pleasantly pleased when her boyfriend Van Wylde approaches her from behind and starts kissing her delicious thong-class ass, as she writes in her diary. Van takes things a step further and brushes his tongue over Kennedy's underwear as the brunette tugs her blouse aside to stroke her large breasts in response to a sigh of satisfaction from his partner. Before things get any closer, Kennedy is keen to make sure her lover is prepared and hard by giving him a steamy blowjob. She carefully arouses Van with her hands and her soft, eager lips before going to town licking and sucking his erect cock. Van has a strong desire to eat out Kennedy even though he enjoys the sensation of his woman's lips encircling his dick. Kennedy is left drenched and primed for a good fuck as he pulls her thong down her legs and then buryes his face between her legs for a long, intense pussy licking. Van has an easy time getting an erection when the couple finally gets together. Kennedy's man's strokes hit her g-spot so hard that her tits begin to shake, and she can't contain her panting, happy sighs. Van takes a quick break to switch positions and enjoy a second round of eating out his girlfriend. Kennedy goes to her hands and knees, places her moist pussy over her man's dick, and gives him some thrusts that seem quite exploratory. Van adores his new posture, reaching for Kennedy's long hair and thrusting his hips to press against her intense warmth till Kennedy gasps in pain. Kennedy positions herself perfectly to deep throat her partner's dick as she rests onto Van's lap, wishing she could give her boyfriend the same release she just had. She persists until Van pours his load—a

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Intimate Session - S12:E30
Boy / Girl
Halle Von and Van Wylde are a lustful couple who desire more personal touch than just making out. Halle pulls off Van's underwear to give him the blowjob she craves, and Van uses his tongue to suckle her firm nipples. He gently nuzzles her into the bed, planting kisses on her inner thighs and savoring her vaginal fluids. Van drives his pulsating cock deep into Halle's sperm-hungry twat, and Halle is euphoric as he seizes her and takes advantage of Van's orgasm.
Seducing My Boss - S13:E9
Boy / Girl
Summer Carter is a beautiful woman who is envious of her boss, Van Wylde. She shows her admiration by licking Summer's breasts and running his fingers under her miniskirt. Summer responds with a blowjob, hardening Van's dick with her tongue and swollen lips. They then strip off, and Van worships Summer's twat with his tongue, sucking and licking. Summer keeps the desk functional by jumping on it, giving him leverage to destroy her fuck hole. Van catches up to Summer, and they end their affair.
Cater To You - S6:E29
Boy / Girl
Chloe Brooke is content with her partner Van Wylde's massage, covering her legs and buttocks in oil. Van then covers her shaved pussy, causing her to sigh with ecstasy. He then kneads her breasts, causing her to sigh with ecstasy. Van then thrusts his firm cock deep into Chloe's tight twat, causing her pussy secretions to flow freely. He gets into a solid rhythm, driving her crazy, and then lifts her up and down on his dick, providing delightful friction. Van then places Chloe back on the massage table, letting his cum fly all over her.
The Ultimate Creampie - S4:E20
Boy / Girl
Elaina Rae and Veronica Rodriguez, dressed in matching pajamas, caress and touch each other in bed while waiting for their partner, Ryan Driller. They kiss and lick Ryan's cock, then engage in a sexual exchange. Elaina uses her position to torment Veronica's breasts and pussy, while Veronica sucks at her shaved slit. The trio switches positions, with Elaina kissing Veronica's breast and Veronica teasing her own nipples. They re arrange Elaina to the bottom and Veronica to the top, pushing each other over the brink. Ryan pumps steadily, and Elaina and Veronica continue their quest for mutual gratification.
A First Time For Everything - S1:E9
Lilly Banks, a blonde, spots Danny Mountain outside and tries to impress him with her tongue skills. He helps her with her hands and knees, licks and suckles her shaved pussy, and surprises her by eating her alive. After a few minutes, Lilly exposes her ass to Danny, allowing him to enter her from behind. The deep penetration feels wonderful, and Lilly rolls onto her back, allowing him to continue enjoying himself from her intimate area.
Waiting For Him - S1:E16
Boy / Girl
Ash Hollywood and Seth Gamble reunite after a long separation, and they share an endless appetite. Ash shows off her flawless ass on the couch, while Seth sucks on Ash's clitoris and thighs. They lay spooning on the couch, and Ash slides Seth's cock inside her. They rub against each other, and Ash climbs onto Seth's cock to satisfy her lover's lust. Seth is upset that Ash gave up control, but he enjoys Seth's climax, drenching Ash's butt with his liquid pleasure. The two lovers express their desires with just one loving glance, showcasing their ability to express their feelings with just one glance.
Teaser Pleaser - S14:E13
Boy / Girl
Tommy Gunn is teased by seductress Jillian Janson, who teases him about her thong and bra-clad body. Jillian reveals her gorgeous bottom and ready-to-party strip pussy, and shows her admiration for Tommy by pulling his cock out. Tommy sets up his sweetheart with one leg raised, leaving her juicy snatch open for his magic tongue to work on. Jillian's happiness grows as she sinks her teeth into Tommy's cock, allowing her full tits to start bouncing. Tommy uses pure hunger to drive in and out of her fuck hole, and Jillian pushes her hips backwards for more penetration. Tommy obliges her with a spooning fuck, leaving his girlfriend covered in adoration.
Sounds Of Passion - S12:E22
Boy / Girl
Karol Lilien is having a hot and intense makeout session with her lover Matt. They engage in a tit-bouncing fuck frenzy, with Matt grunting in agreement. Karol falls into the bed, and Matt pounds his pussy to defuse tension. After a few seconds, Karol falls into the bed, and Matt finally pulls out to unleash his manly load on her soft, tanned back and bottom. The intense makeout session continues until Matt exhausts himself and slaps Karol on the back and bottom.
Elegant Bliss - S4:E22
Boy / Girl
Zoey Paige and Logan Pierce go on a romantic evening together after a delicious meal. Zoey reveals her interest by slipping her foot up Logan's calf and running her toes up his erection. Logan gives her a passionate kiss, while Zoey takes the lead and licks and suckes her man. Zoey then positions herself on Logan's lap, revealing her breasts. Logan seizes her nipple between his lips, exposing her fluids with delight. He then reenters, giving her what she needs to cum. Zoey gives her partner a warm smile, and they curl up on the couch to enjoy the afterglow together.
Subtle Seduction - S1:E29
Boy / Girl
Giovanni Francesco, a passionate man, wakes his sweetheart Molly Bennett with a kiss. He worships her with his tongue, sucking and licking her body. Molly licks and sucks her man's dick, encircling his large cock. The couple reunites, and Molly reverse-cowgirls her beau. Giovanni's deep penetration pushes Molly over the edge, and Molly gets on top for a passionate kiss. His pulsating cock pulses in and out of her until his climax.
Treat Her Right - S10:E10
Boy / Girl
Scarlet Red, a blonde beauty, is doing dishes when her boyfriend Ryan Driller approaches her. They engage in a passionate fuck fest, with Ryan licking her bald pussy and sprinkling hot water over her. Scarlet then encircles Ryan's cock with her warm lips, extracting her essence. They go to bed, Ryan giving Scarlet a lengthy, opulent pussy licking. Scarlet's first climax pierces her with a long moan. They kiss and rock, and Scarlet ascends to the top of the fuck hole, almost at the brink of cumming. She gives Ryan a passionate blowout, sucking his cock until he is on the verge of an orgasm. They end the frenzied coupling, leaving Scarlet gasping and groaning.
Center Of Attention - S8:E2
Boy / Girl
In a sensual meeting, two hungry men, Lutro and Rasty, engage in a sexual encounter with Gina Gerson. They caress Gina's underwear and bra, revealing her damp and prepared state. Lutro immerses himself in her dripping snatch, burying his face in it. Gina enjoys providing pleasure to her lads, while Rasty eats her out from behind. Gina then tries to give Lutro a rough ride, licking his dick and sucking her. As Gina sleeps, things settle down, and she licks Lutro's dick, while Rasty cuddles behind her. Gina reaches her climax by jerking off each cock, eager to reward her men for their effort.
Goddess Of Love - S9:E23
Boy / Girl
After dusk, Dido Angel and her partner Tommy are cuddling on their bed, their passion too strong to be restrained by mere kisses. Dido gives Tommy a blowout, licking and sucking every inch of his cock, leaving no area unattended. Tommy then exposes her soft pussy, using his magic tongue. Dido enjoys getting her partner to ride her like a personal stud, causing her plump ass to jiggle and her large tits to bounce. As their climax approaches, Dido turns onto her back, allowing her boyfriend to do all the work, sending her hurtling towards pleasure town.