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To Have And To Fuck - S12:E6

As gorgeous Sandy Sweet goes about her weekly ritual of filling up her planner, her boyfriend Ryan Driller pulls an unexpected move and asks her out. Naturally, Sandy accepts, and the newly engaged couple celebrates by spending time together! Sandy's tiny breasts are soon revealed by Ryan, allowing him to thumb and lick her extremely firm nipples. In the meantime, he lifts her miniskirt and runs his hand over Sandy's shaved twat through her underwear before removing them completely so he can work her juicy clit and slit with his gifted tongue. When Ryan has finished his enchantment with Sandy, the bulge in his pants is unquestionably evidence that he is rock-hard and prepared for anything. In return, Sandy gives her lover a handjob that keeps him ready and hard when Ryan slinks his hand beneath her buttocks and inserts two fingers into her sheath to finger fuck her. Ryan places Sandy down on the desk and eases himself into her warm sheath after making sure she's nice and wet and ready for him. He moves quickly, forcing himself into Sandy's cum-hungry pussy with forceful, fast strokes that cause his woman to sigh with ecstasy. Sandy then drops to her knees and worships her lover's cock with her hands and lips, licking and sucking excitedly for Ryan's amusement as he pounded his hips. Before long, Ryan becomes overwhelmed with excitement and flips Sandy around, bending her over the desk to adopt her canine mannerisms. After he gives her a body-shaking, ball-slapping pussy pounding, Sandy instantly presses Ryan into a chair and then the desk, getting on board for a wild, two-part pussy ride. This time, the brunette doesn't stop making love until her partner gives her a ton of cum, which she plays with enthusiastically to end their encounter.

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Alaina Kristar, dressed in a thong and high heels, enjoys a leisurely strip tease for her lover, Ryan Driller. They engage in a passionate exchange, with Ryan taking over the climax with his soft tongue and magic fingers. Alaina then gets on her hands and knees for a doggy-style pussy pounding, while Ryan widens his legs and slips back into her warm sheath. After a lengthy, passionate kiss, Ryan lifts Alaina up for a few blissful moments before releasing his load, covering Alaina's flat belly with his hot, sticky love.
Sexual Tension - S12:E20
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Kacy Lane and her exercise partner Bruce Venture are experiencing intense sexual tension. Kacy decides to give Bruce a seductive blowout, removing her clothes and inserting two fingers into her twat-desiring area. Bruce takes a nap before lifting Kacy up and putting her down on his dick for an exhilarating ride. Kacy is brought off by their bouncing hips and hums with ecstasy. They settle into a hot and heavy 69, climaxing with a doggy-style pussy bashing. As Bruce continues his sensual assault, Kacy's cries of delight fill the room.
Breakfast In Bed - S10:E22
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Emily Grey plans to surprise her boyfriend Dylan Snow by giving him a passionate foreplay in bed. She enters the room in a bra and thong, feeding her lover and allowing him to stroke her bald pussy. Emily then climbs down the bed to wrap her warm lips around his dick and give him a good dick sucking. Emily creeps up Dylan's body on all fours, using light strokes to start her motor. Dylan cups Emily's rump and burys his face in her twat, sipping her womanly nectar. Emily's ecstatic cries lead to Dylan drawing lovely noises out of her, leading to a second orgasm with strong cock thrusts. Dylan achieves his own peak of pleasure, and Emily drops to her knees, giving her partner a last-minute sex.
Sexual Power - S9:E9
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Natasha White is searching for her partner, Jake Taylor, and is determined to get it. She puts a blindfold over his eyes to intensify the pleasure and pulls his cock to allow her to suck it between her eagerly puffed lips. She then jumps into Jake's lap, placing her hairless pussy on his dick. They then move around, moving to the wall by the stairs, where Jake presses into Natasha's tight twat and supports her back. They suckle and lick her tight clit and buries his face between her legs. Natasha rolls onto her stomach, inviting Jake to pound into her from behind with her delicious ass up.
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Jayden Taylors and Christina Snow decide to share Tyler Nixon instead of fighting over him, sealing their choice with a sensual kiss. They strip each other naked and perform a show for Tyler, stripping each other naked and giving him a wet blowjob. They enjoy themselves, allowing Tyler to use his tongue and teeth to delight Christina's wet snatch. Christina collapses onto the couch, and Tyler takes advantage, putting his cock in Christina's mouth and into Jayden's hairless pussy. The girls break as ecstasy devours their bodies, and Tyler approaches his breaking point.
Before You Leave - S11:E22
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After a night with boyfriend Van Wylde, Kacy Lane wakes up early to enjoy a sexual encounter. Van's hands wander, exposing Kacy's boobs and licking his fuck hole. Kacy takes charge, giving Van a long blowjob, focusing on her shaved twat. She rides Van's body, impales herself on his cock, and launches into a hip-thrusting pussy ride. Van leads the way, turning Kacy onto her back and assisting her in opening herself up for his. After a pulsating climax, Van can no longer contain his enjoyment and Kacy knows what to do. She jumps to her knees, opens her mouth to receive Van's jizz, and massages his jizz into her skin.