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Clay Love - S19:E20

ravishing coed Gala Brown is sculpted out of clay by Juan Lucho, who has her pose nude for him. Enthralled with Juan's artistic ability, Gala eventually caves in to her desire to create her own artwork out of Juan by pressing her fingers into the clay. After letting Gala play for a short while, Juan responds with some of his own body painting done with clay. Their chemistry is evident as soon as they finally lock lips and smile broadly during the playful foreplay. Juan moves quickly to assist Gala in getting up onto the table so he can bend forward and give her lengthy licks and tender kisses that will melt her landing strip pussy. Gala soon fills the room with her excited gasps, growing louder with each clever tongue flick from Juan. Gala is only too happy to greet Juan between her thighs as he gets up and begins to pull out his erection. After filling her up completely, he pauses for a while before thrusting his hips with deep strokes that rock Gala's fragile body and cause the table to tremble with the intensity of his love. Juan takes a well-earned pause from pounding his lover's pussy as Gala's first climax throbs through her aroused body. He leaps atop the counter, positioning his penis in the ideal position for Gala to suck it. She's pleased to oblige, getting down on her knees and suckling him to her heart's content with her soft, sweet lips wrapped around his shaft. Juan moves to a chair, gets comfortable, and then he pulls Gala forward so she can slowly impale herself. After she settles in, she immediately begins to bounce her hips and ride Juan like a private stud. Her medium breasts bounce in Juan's face as she gives him a full body display that makes them both feel desperate and out of breath. She raises one leg in the air, allowing Juan to effortlessly glide inside her from behind. He seizes the opportunity and gives them both the pussy pounding they need to speed toward the height of pleasure. Juan pulls out and strokes his cock with his hand for a heartbeat longer to elicit a cum eruption that covers Gala's ass in jizz, as Gala's sigh of completion fills the room.

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Bubble Bath - S19:E7
Ena Sweet and her lover Marius take bubble baths, with Marita helping her massage her breasts. Marius takes off his underwear and kisses Ena's shoulders and back, leaving them both nude. Ena admires Marius's dick and uses her mouth to suck him dry. Marius licks and lapping at her slit, filling his mouth with her delectable juices. They spoon together in bed, and Ena takes control of Marius's stiffie, pounding her hips and pounding her rump. Ena uses Marius's back to continue sucking his dick, cupping and fondling his balls. The effects are orgasmic when he adds his fingers to the mixture. Ena wants to go for another stiffie ride, but she loses control and is given a shot of come in her fuck hole.
Twosome To Threesome - S15:E19
Threesome FFM
Dillon Harper and Alexa Tomas entertain Fernando with a show one morning, stripping down to their bras and panties. Fernando prepares them for a blowout, and they collaborate to give Fernando a shattering blowout. Alexa glides down Fernando's dick, enjoying a stiffie ride with Dillon. Dillon doubles into Alexa's anus for maximum pleasure. After Alexa passes out, Dillon rides Fernando's fuck stick, and they display their pussies to Fernando. He starts with Dillon's snatch, then fucks Alexa's twat, keeping both cumming. They lick each other clean and wrap the treat around their breasts to savor every last drop.
Bang Bang - S19:E3
Boy / Girl
Amber Nevada's boyfriend Kendo Ortiz is teaching her how to fire a gun on a date. Amber licks and kisses Kendo, but he hits the first target. Amber takes Kendo's taunting seriously and sucks him dry. Kendo flips the script by giving Amber the gun and caressing her clit as she fires. Amber throws the gun to the ground and offers Kendo a passionate kiss. Kendo focuses on Amber's pierced nipples and boobs, and he gives her a canine beating. Amber takes charge, and Kendo caresses and massages his stiffie, causing a climax that makes Amber's body twitch with ecstasy.
Tasty Creampie - S14:E29
Boy / Girl
Bruce Venture and Veronica Rodriguez enjoy strawberries and whipped cream together, leading to a foreplay where Veronica takes off Bruce's bra and underwear to lick and suck his hard cock. They engage in a wild, bouncing stiffie ride, with Veronica bouncing in a seductive cadence. Bruce gives her a few sultry bounces before turning the spinner onto her hands and knees. His thrusts cause Veronica's tits to tremble in sync with her fuck hole's ecstatic pulsations, leaving her satisfied and satisfied as her orgasm rolls through her.
Let Me In - S13:E29
Shaved pussy
Lindsey Woods, dressed in a form-fitting dress, finds herself locked out of Logan Pierce's house. Despite her appearance, Logan wakes up and embraces her. They engage in a passionate, dog-style sex, with Logan pounding her tight pussy with his large dick. Lindsey's ecstatic shouts fill the room, and she continues to get her pussy penetrated. Logan's strokes are slow at first, but eventually, he hammers into her fuck hole, making her breasts bounce. Lindsey jumps onto Logan's lap and grabs the wheel, feeling the pulsating pleasure of her hot body.
Threesome Love - S1:E24
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Abigaile Johnson and Ella Milano confront their boyfriend Giovanni in the hallway, with mischievous ideas. They give passionate kisses while licking and sucking at their reward. Giovanni pushes his dick off her legs to run his tongue over her soft pussy, while Ella suckles on Abigaile's breasts. In the bedroom, they decide to play the aggressor and Abigaile resumes kissing. Ella licks Abigaile's body, while Giovanni runs his tongue up Ella's slit. Abigaile presses her full breasts into Giovanni's mouth, and Giovanni fucks her lover slowly. Ella reclines on the bed, welcoming her man's cock back into her sobbing pussy. Abigaile leaps upon her partner and gives her a passionate kiss. Giovanni gives both women equal attention, causing Giovanni to erupt all over Abigaile's back and rounded ass, unable to contain his climax.
Bed Of Roses - S12:E13
Boy / Girl
Veronica Rodriguez receives a gift of underwear and rose petals from her boss, Bruce Venture. She discovers an empty jewelry box and rose petals in her bedroom. Bruce surprises her with a necklace and a dick, putting Veronica on her hands and knees. They engage in a thrilling ride, with Veronica demonstrating her spinning body's ability to absorb her lover. When Veronica gets tired of Bruce's cocksucking and cowgirling, he takes over their romantic activities, switching between powerful blows and shallow thrusts. Veronica swaps positions one last time, almost pleased, and Bruce sultryes her with his creamy sperm.
Blow The Candles - S20:E6
Luna Ruiz, a blindfolded woman, enjoys a birthday cake with Lobo, who gives her sweet kisses and frosting. They both enjoy the gentle pleasure. Lobo then leads Luna to his chest and underwear, revealing her shaven twat. He blows a candle on her mound, working her to the brink of cumming. Lobo then massages Luna's sensitive spots with his magic fingers, causing her to moan. After a while, Lobo withdraws, covering Luna's snatch with his jizz, and they gaze lovingly into each other's eyes. Their lovemaking is complete, and they release Luna from the blindfold to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes.
Post It Kiss - S19:E15
Boy / Girl
David Santos, a friend of Miyuki Son, is invited to help with an art project. Miyuki places post-it notes on David's body, and she helps him relax by showing him how to sit on the couch and kissing each place. Miyuki then exposes his hardening cock, causing David to suck. After a second prank, Miyuki straddles David's lap and rides his stud, placing her large breasts in David's face. She then works with her hand on his fuck stick, causing David to relax and become adorably full and jizz-filled.
Blindfold - S18:E18
Boy / Girl
Pablo Ferrari blindfolds Apolonia Lapiedra and seduces her, promising her the greatest pleasure. Pablo kisses her and teasing her with tongue laps and finger thrusts. Apolonia warmly puts her mouth to Pablo's manhood, piques his interest with suction with her swollen lips. Pablo falls on top of her, basking in her warm embrace. Apolonia curls up with Pablo to spoon, and Pablo glides into her tight twat from behind. Apolonia massages her clit and sighs of ecstasy with every stroke. Pablo uses Apolonia's climaxed pussy to achieve his own release, and he finishes their passionate kissing by drenching Apolonia's lower back and buttocks in his hot sperm.
Passionate Beauty - S18:E5
Boy / Girl
Apolonia Lapiedra spends time alone with her partner Alberto Blanco in the shower, engaging in lengthy strokes and snatching his cock. Alberto ensures his partner is completely soaked before sinking his cock deep into Apolonia's snatch. Apolonia's ecstasy is enhanced by Alberto's hold around her neck, leading to a passionate stiffie ride. Apolonia is overcome with ecstasy and gives Alberto a deep, passionate kiss. Apolonia eagerly awaits Alberto's return and requests to witness his cumming. Alberto gives her a full body sex makeover, leaving her happy and content.